Lauren Michelle Photography

What up world? This month we are checking out Lauren Michelle Photography. Lauren is a fantastic photographer that specializes in family photos. Lauren was a local Maryland photographer that has since relocated to Austin, Texas. Willing to travel across the continental United States and Canada to take a great picture. Must be nice to be big time! And when I say family photos, I don't mean the average mall pics with stiff poses and boring backdrops. I mean stunning pics that show families in their true light, showcasing the admiration and love between those being captured in the pics.

Why does capturing families at their absolute best mean so much to Lauren? Unfortunately, Lauren lost her father when she was 16 and later realized that she didn't have any professional pictures of the family or her with him. Lauren vowed to provide the opportunity she missed out on to other families, and with this inspiration, Lauren Michelle Photography was born! Also being a mother, Lauren understands the purpose of capturing precious moments with an emphasis on portraying the strengths and nurturing qualities of hardworking, loving families. You might feel overworked and underpaid, but in actuality you look like a superhero to those around you. Lauren really steps outside of the box when it comes to photography, and always makes you look your absolute best. Do yourselves a favor, check her out, be masterfully captured in time.

Take a look at her work at or tweet her at @laurenmphotos or on Instagram at laurenmphotos.

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