“Get action. Do things; be sane; don’t fritter away your time; create, act, take a place wherever you are and be somebody; get action.”

T H E O D O R E   R O O S E V E L T


our mission

To serve the talents of local creatives currently stuck in a normal job framework by encouraging growth, collaboration and sustained dream recognition.

our vision

Our dream is to oversee the development of a creative conglomerate that transcends traditional definitions. We want to encourage other creatives to break the shackles of a traditional job framework by supporting people and processes, and providing the full range of support that creators need to become a powerful part of the community. From networking events, to creative development and collaborative projects, Illyx is about coming together to manifest our own idea of forever.


After building lives based around 9-5 day jobs, we found ourselves exhausted from working for someone else. Eventually, we realized that wanted to create something with personal meaning. We first highlighted our differences from the majority, burying ourselves in exclusivity. But what makes us different is only possible through the one thing we all have in common: time. Every human on this Earth has only 24 hours in each day to create their life with and it was our mission moving forward to stretch our time creatively  in order to manifest our own idea of forever, not somebody else's.  The idea of being innovative and stepping out of the norm was clear for ourselves, but  we wanted to build a community of creatives just like us and begin highlighting and uplifting each other's ideas. The creative collectives we encountered we great, but felt too corporate and isolated: we imagined a company that could integrate both  projects and people. Project Illyx is our answer to a world that says either conform or starve, and do it alone. 

what we do

The Incubator: The Incubator Initiative is a full-scale realization of focused creative support. We partner with up and coming creatives, assisting them in accelerating their budding talent and propelling their businesses forward.  By laying the groundwork for individual creators to thrive, we make our collective community that much stronger.

illdsgn:  Illyx understands that not everyone needs in-depth support, but may instead require help with singular requests. We offer logo design and marketing pieces with focused expertise in work that requires custom illustrations.

Inscribe: Project Illyx releases an interactive digital piece quarterly, centralizing information about creatives to be on the lookout for, related events and ways to connect. Our goal is not to be merely a data driven document, but showcase of and catalyst for creative action.

More: We also offer apparel, host community events and work on collaborations regularly!