DWEEB Lifestyle: #illyxcreatives

What feels like 5 long years ago,  I came across a guy  who wasn't afraid to stand out. Who had a distinct style that was ahead the style of the moment... of any moment. This guy embodies everything that ILLYX is. The person I'm speaking of is Jamaal Williams, creator of the Dweeb Lifestyle Co. Dweeb is a men's urban wear company that started with selling graphic t-shirts from his college dorm and has elevated to having their products sold all over the DMV. Currently branching out to more expansive apparel and innovative styles, DWEEB is a friend of Illyx and a company you don't want to miss out on. Check out Dweeb's Instagram and website to support the movement, because we too Don't. Wanna. Ever. End-up, Broke.

Visit and get into their style at www.dweeblifestyle.com, or on Instagram @dweeblifestyle.

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