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Society has a way of telling people what their legacy should look like. Get a job, make something neat and normal, pass it on. Project Illyx challenges that idea -- we look at how we use our time in order to create the very thing we call our lives, and challenge other creators to team up and turn the system on its head. We've designed our company to provide the tools that the creative community needs to effectively collaborate, grow, and build together. Through the three major services we provide, apparel that unites, and much more, we hope to build something for ourselves and bring our fellow creatives along for the ride. The main objective is clear: work together to manifest our own idea of forever. 


quick & dirty - our services

the incubator

A full-scale realization of focused creative support, we partner with up and coming creatives, assisting them in accelerating their budding talent and propelling their businesses forward.  By laying the groundwork for individual creators to thrive, we make our collective community that much stronger.


Illyx understands that not everyone needs in-depth support, but may instead require help with singular requests. We offer logo design and marketing pieces with focused expertise in work that requires custom illustrations. Contact us with any questions, or to receive a quote for your next design project.


Project Illyx releases an interactive digital piece bi-annually, centralizing information about creatives to be on the lookout for, related events and ways to connect. Our goal is not to be merely a data driven document, but showcase of and catalyst for creative action. Our first issue is due summer 2017.


Apparel and More

Project Illyx was born as an apparel project, and continues to release gear for the culture. We celebrate creativity, building a legacy and encourage individuality. All tees come in a collectible time capsule you'll love. 



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