Nanananananana Batman Lego Movie Review

Batman! While we usually go to the good folk at for all our movie reviews, in this instance I think I'll take a crack at it with The Lego Batman Movie. What prompted this venture into the unknown you ask? I'm pretty sure I black out at night and become batman and wake up with all of the emotional scars and self torment. My crime fighting prowess is probably relegated to one short well lit section of a rural strip mall... outside of a Jamba juice... so, not so much the dark night but a more appropriately themed beige one. Anyway, my love for Batman along with my insatiable love for Lego.. (many years of growing up on punishment, sans tv and outside privileges = an early love for creativity and architecture with an element I could rebuild). It's a no brainier that I would be going to see this thing, first night, iPic no less.

Chris McKay's Batman was once again tasked with branching out from the brooding bat we have long loved for over 50 years, into an egotistic fit with a comedic touch. We got a glimpse of how Lego Batman (Will Arnett) can steal scenes in the 2014 everything-is-awesome fest, The Lego Movie in which McKay worked as the animation director and editor. Add in the bromance between Arnett and long time arch enemy the Joker (Zach Galifianakis) and his need to be acknowledged as Batman's main adversary. A surprise was the vast abundance of classic villains Riddler (Conan O'Brien), Harley Quinn (Jenny Slater), and Two-Face (Billy Dee Williams). Quick note, Williams was a cool Easter egg after he was the original Harvey Dent in the '89 inclination. Even though lesser known villains such as the Eraser and Condiment King make triumphant appearances in their own right.

The Bat's realization that family is important provides an epic grown worthy plot that starts strong and slowly runs out of steam as the story unfolds. But even with all it's plot flaws, it still manages to keep you engaged long enough to show off the visual spectacle and massive action scenes. It also has time to mix in leftover microwaved Lego lobster thermidor. Rounding out the bat family portrait is the longtime Bruce Wayne butler; Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), the orphan sidekick Dick Grayson/Robin (Michael Cera), and new police commissioner Barbara Gordon/Bat Girl (Rosario Dawson). Slapstick comedy for the kids and pop puns for the adults will make this fan favorite if its just enjoyed for what it is... A fun movie. Even if you are not a super fan like me, this movie provides a good time for the whole family.