The Incubator

The Incubator Initiative is a full-scale realization of focused creative support. We partner with up-and-coming creatives, assisting them in accelerating their budding talent and propelling their businesses forward.  By laying the groundwork for individual creators to thrive, we make our collective community that much stronger. Here's a look at how:

FULL SCOPE OF Services Offered:

Branding and Graphic Design Services: We are able to build your brand from start to implementation with consultation, logo design + redesign, media kits, business cards and other marketing, website editing and creation and the design of any other supplemental tools or offerings for your business/project.

Public Relations Services: Develop and execute messaging for social media and website, contact press and conduct mock interviews for poise perfection. 

Advertising Services: Services include branding and assistance with social marketing, media selection and related services.

Photography: Services include black and white, color, digital photography for multiple uses; as well as photo editing.

Research and Business Plan Development: We work with you to take your vision and make a solid plan for growth and execution. We also research and compile information on issues, laws and competitors central to your project. Services also include market research.