The Need

Most companies arise out of a need.

As a creative company, there is an obvious passion to everything we do. We create because we have a yearning, we have something to say. But in order for an organization to stay afloat, it has to answer an unsolved question or satisfy a desire. Project Illyx is no different, and we want to talk a little more in depth about exactly why we exist.

Our creators, though we connect with people across the country, are natively from the DC/Baltimore Metropolitan Area. We’re the seat of the nation and have some major players in the creative fields, but as we have grown and shaped our careers in the area, it’s a common complaint of DMV’ers that there is no network. Maybe we’re shaped by our political neighbors -- there’s a lot of competition, but less connecting. More cutthroat, less collaborative. Our small pool of artists barely know how to create one thing as a unit, and seem to find it even harder to collaborate across media platforms. Sure, artists work together sometimes, but they often venture off to bigger artistic hubs -- New York & LA -- before they can cement anything in the area that says “creativity lives here too”.

In steps Illyx. We are building this collective because we want to see all artists -- from the small time painter who only devotes Fridays to his craft to the full-time mom who builds graphic empires -- succeed. And not only to succeed, but to create work that is well-informed and multi-dimensional. The base of art is passion and talent -- Project Illyx wants to see where our passions intersect. This is why we uplift creators from all paths, we seek to connect them and watch something new grow, hopefully creating right alongside of you all. This is how we plan to grow our collective, and how we want to challenge ourselves as artists.

There’s a lot in the works for us. We’re building everyday, and we build primarily for the people who felt like we felt. That they were alone in their passions, that they had to find a day job, that there was no one to work with. We feel like it’s our time to answer the need.

ILLYX StaffComment